Author FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about my books. Have more? Just ask!

What is reverse harem/why choose?

Reverse harems are romances involving a female protagonist with multiple love interests. Think Twilight but without having to choose between Jacob or Edward. So, no love triangles! However, that doesn't mean every male love interests is lucky enough to join.

How spicy are reverse harems?

It depends on the category, Young Adult (YA) will be much tamer while New Adult (NA) and Adult with have a lot more steam. I mostly write New Adult, because I enjoy the balance and having the option to write steamier scenes.

What is a slow burn reverse harem?

A slow burn generally indicates the characters and plot will build over an extended time before any spice happens, usually you can expect nothing to happen between the leading lady and her lovers before book 2, sometimes even longer.</p>

What kinds of RH do you write?

I tend to write fantasy and paranormal romance (yay, magic!), with a slow burn element. The first books focusing on building up the world, characters, relationships and plot.

How often do you release new books?

I am currently planning new releases almost every month! Don't forget to pre-order or follow me on social media so you don't miss out!</p>

What social media accounts do you use?

I use Tiktok (@alicewildeauthor), Facebook (, and Instagram (@alice_wilde_author). I try to limit my time on them though, so I can get new books out to readers faster!